Trustwise named finalist at COP28UAE Techsprint

COP 28 Tech Sprint 2023

We are very proud to be one of the 15 finalist worldwide and one of the 5 contenders in the blockchain problem statement #2 in the COP28UAE Tech sprint delivering solutions for verifiable data in climate change initiatives.

Our TWEX® Carbon Ledger addresses the EU Carbon tax for CO2 intensive goods imported into the EU as of January 1st, 2026, which can be reduced by verified and paid domestic CO2 allowances and offset credits.

This so called Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism ignites a huge incentive for exporting countries to invest in offset projects and promote their economy while fostering climate change. A perfect win-win situation, for the climate and the economy.

We would like to sincerly congratulate the three winners of the tech sprint: ZERO13 for their automated AI and blockchain-driven international carbon exchange, Intensel Limited for their climate risk analytics platform that leverages artificial intelligence and Evercomm Singapore who won the Internet of Things and Sensor Technology problem statement as well as all other contenders for their outstanding contributions Ahya, Genify, STACS, U-Reg, Carbonbase, FeverTokens, Triangle, Allinfra, mistEO, OpenEarth Foundation, and 6th grain.

We would also like to thank all members of the COP28UAE Tech Sprint for choosing us as one of the finalists.

Official Announcement:
BIS, COP28 and Central Bank of United Arab Emirates announces winners of COP28 UAE TechSprint

Official Report:
Scaling climate action: Unleashing innovative technologies in sustainable finance (PDF)

Watch TWEX® Carbon Ledger Introduction

Read TWEX® Carbon Ledger Presentation

TWEX Carbon Ledger Presentation

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