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What we do

We change the way how businesses interact with their investors and customers.

trustwise: what we do

The trustwise model

Designed for partnerships

From the libertarian to the real world

In the long run, no blockchain can operate beyond the law or without an open architecture. The trustwise model bridges today's gap between widely unregulated permission-less blockchains and very restrictive orchestrated chains.

Proof of authority consortium blockchains

Proof of authority consortium blockchains

Our permissioned consortium blockchains are designed for a broad and open range of participants and are fully regulatory compliant. The proof of authority consensus protocol consumes almost no energy, and thus, our chains are environmental friendly while guaranteeing the same level of security and trust. The chains can be tailored to the specific needs of a consortium.

The trustwise platform

The trustwise platform ...

links the pseudonymous blockchain to the real world. It holds the real names of the participants while at the same time ensuring their privacy. The platform provides an easy interface to the blockchains via web and mobile apps. Market places, a trading platform with various price finding mechanisms, settlement coins, a payment infrastructure, lost key protection services and many more features relieves our partners from implementing necessary, yet costly infrastructure components.


designed for partnerships

... designed for partnerships

A blockchain is never owned by "a single legal entity". Nor should the interface to the real world be exclusive for one company. Together with our partners, trustwise provides blockchain applications in 4 categories. We provide APIs that can be used for integrating our blockchain services in customer's own applications. This includes an attractive revenue sharing model for all blockchain participants. Learn more about our partnership models.

The trustwise blockchains

Permissioned Consortium Blockchains

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Multiple blockchains

Blockchains replace trust between parties, which are new to each other. But different purposes might require different blockchains. We envisage a world of multiple blockchains which eventually interact with each other.


A blockchain is defined by its participants. To keep the balance between permission-less widely unregulated chains with their own cryptocurrency and restricted orchestrated chains, which resemble rather a joint venture than a blockchain ecosystem is a challenging task. We encourage our clients to build blockchains with a wide range of participants, but which must be known by the community

... ruled by smart contracts

The consortium is regulated by smart contracts, which ensure, that participants act according to the rules agreed upon. Misbehaving is monitored and sanctioned by the consortium members. New members are elected by voting or through other transparent selection mechanisms.


Eco blockchains

Our blockchains are consortium blockchains with a proof-of-authority (PoA) consensus protocol, which do not require energy intensive computation. Thus, as opposed to the competitive and energy intensive proof of work (PoW) protocol used by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, our chains are environmental friendly. PoA is based on the idea, that the sealers of blocks are especially trusted participants, which have been chosen by the community.

Transaction monitoring

Blockchains are based on the idea of transparency through decentralisation. But due to its pseudonymous character the technology can be misused. Our blockchains require identification (KYC) of each participant, before their pseudonyms can be used to sign transactions.This allows us, to be one of the first fully AML compliant blockchains, without compromising on the decentralised and democratic character of blockchain technology.

Defining the blockchain characteristic

Each blockchain can set its own reward structure, and the block sizes. This might be useful to incentivise consortium members to actively run full nodes in order to maintain a high level of trust.

About Us

Swiss platform for blockchain applications based on the Ethereum protocol ag is a Swiss platform for blockchain applications, which operates on a sponsored consortium blockchain based on the Ethereum protocol. The consortium blockchain, regulated by smart contracts, ensures that the applications are provided with predictable block times, transaction costs and are fully AML compliant.
the trustwise platform is designed for partnerships. Apart from managing their investors, businesses can offer a variety of smart contract products such as proof-of provenance or insurances on the platform. also offers its own products on the platform, such as a digital share registry for Swiss non-listed companies, corporate governance and document registry.

The company was founded in 2017 after a year of extensive research in the context of a study mandated by TA-Swiss, in which our Founder and CEO took a prominent role.

Our Team


Founder and CEO

Michal Florian, Head of IT


Head of IT

Vlad Lupashevskyi, Smart Contracts & Blockchain Developer


Smart Contracts

Nicolas Tsagarides, Blockchain architect


Blockchain Architect

Alexandros Andreou, Chief security officer



Tania Bulatnikova, Business analyst


Business Analyst

Matthew Vickery, Strategic Advisor


Strategic Advisor

Vitalii Tereshchenko, Full Stack Developer


Full Stack Developer

Our Board

Adrian Hutzli, CEO Intersys AG


CEO Intersys AG

Emanuel Dettwiler, Laywer Kellerhals-Carrard


Laywer Kellerhals-Carrard

Christoph Nieman, Co-Founder otris software AG, Germany


Co-Founder otris software AG, Germany

Rolf Ramseier, Owner & CEO of Ramseier Treuhand


Owner & CEO of Ramseier Treuhand

Hans-Peter Gier, CEO ag


CEO ag

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