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Purapipe Global AG, an international manufacturer of highly innovative, environmental-friendly pipelines has chosen TWEX® as its shares management and corporate housekeeping platform.

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We are looking forward to contribute to the SWISS FINTECH community and to jointly address legal and regulatory challenges

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TRUSTWISE.IO LTD and KELLERHALS CARRARD, one or the largest law firms in Switzerland, have signed a preferred partnership agreement.

We’re proud to provide the DLT technology for the “Smart Banknote Solution” announced by Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing and AUGENTIC GmbH

Digital Shares &
Corporate Housekeeping

The all-in-one corporate housekeeping solution for Swiss startups and SMEs.

Fulfill legal obligations

The legal obligations in Switzerland can be challenging for companies with a growing number of (international) shareholders.

Exit in mind

Especially, as most startups are built with an exit in mind, correct documentation according to legal obligations is of utmost importance.

Equity as a liquid asset

Investors enjoy the ability to transfer and trade private equity easily via app.


  • automated shareholder and beneficial owner registries
  • completeness of title chain
  • integrated organisation of shareholder meetings
  • integrated board meetings
  • easy, secure and legally binding signing of contracts
  • easy p2p transfer of private equity
  • direct & easy communication with investors via app
TWEX® - The all-in-one corporate housekeeping solution for Swiss startups and SMEs

The Evolution of Corporate Finance

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Blockchain Access Made Easy

Applications built on our
Blockchain Access Platform

BACE® (blue layer) provides services which are commonly used
by various blockchain applications

About Us

Hans-Peter Gier, founder and CEO of trustwise


Founder and CEO

  • Hans-Peter looks back to thirty years of developing concepts and software for institutions like UBS, Swiss Bank Corporation and others.
  • He founded several companies like Banking Concepts AG, Search Concepts AG as well as
  • In 2017, he took part in a consortium that won a tender for a study on the economic impact of Blockchain by the Swiss government-funded Foundation of Technology Assessment. (TA-Swiss)
  • In 2018 he helped to install a public procurement solution for the government of Cyprus.



Trustwise is providing economically viable blockchain solutions that decrease international business transaction cost. With TWEX®, we envision corporations to perform all corporate actions on the blockchain.

Blockchain technology in context of transaction cost theory

The three waves of reduction of transaction cost according to O. Williamson and R. Coase