Blockchain Access Made Easy


BACE® is Trustwise's Blockchain as a Service solution. It offers comprehensive functional features like a User Verification System, Signatories Management, Electronic Document Signing, Pricing & Invoicing and a Notification System.

On the technical side, Blockchain Governance Functions, a flexible architecture that is Multi-tenant capable, and a REST-API make BACE® a powerful platform.

Functional Features

User Verification System

Build-in user verification system for individuals & companies including companies in foundation.
Multiple verification levels available, e.g. offline and online verification, KYC checks, MiFid qualifications.

Signatories Management

Single and collective signatures can be granted for companies and for portfolios of individuals.
Signatory logs for audit purposes. Advanced signature weighs and restrictions on request.

Electronic Document Signing

Registration of documents on the blockchain for proof-of-existence, which can be signed afterwards with advanced electronic signatures. For convenience reasons, a signed document can contain multiple files (e.g. attachments).

Pricing & Invoicing

A build-in pricing system allows for the recording of all pricing relevant events. Periodic, asset and/or transaction based fees can be combined within a pricing plan. Multiple pricing plans with flexible invoicing periods can be defined per application. An FX price feed supports currency conversions.

Notification System

The multi-channel notification encompasses an in-app notification system for to-dos and pending multi-sig transactions as well as e-mail and push notifications for the Trustwise Signer App (see below).

Technical Features


The Trustwise Signer App is a universal wallet app for self-managed wallets which can be used by any blockchain application that uses the Trustwise Blockchain Access Platform. Custodial wallets are available for all non-financial applications.


On the blockchain, privacy for individuals is additionally protected by multi-address-wallets. Wherever a function allows, a new address is used to obfuscate the identity behind a blockchain address. On the database level, consent is required before a partner is allowed to see the real name behind a blockchain address. Consent can be withdrawn with the contact management feature.

Web-app & APIs

The Trustwise Blockchain Access Platform provides a user friendly web front-end which can be used by third parties for administrative as well as product functions. All standard administrative and product functions are (or will be made) available via by REST-API. A tenant architecture ensures that data for different applications are separated (also physically on request) and front-ends can be customised for each service provider.

Blockchain & Smart Contracts

All on-chain blockchain governance functions such as the node and validator permissions, protocol updates and service provider admissions are currently available as a module within the Trustwise Blockchain Access Platform.
All smart contracts are build with an upgradability and versioning option. All token contracts include a minting, burning, blocking and batch conversion feature as a standard. Gas management for user accounts can be automated.