Trustwise Certificates

Trustwise Certificates is a tamper-proof access control, permissioning and certification solution based on self-sovereign identity principles (SSI).

What does Trustwise Certificates do?

Individuals can create one or more digital IDs which are derived from official documents oder other personal identification parameters and a personal security code which is only known by the individual. By presenting the Derived Digital ID and an official document such as a passport, the validity of a certificate as well as the owner of the certificate can be verified.

Fields of application

Based on health or professional status certificates, access permissions or official IDs from authorities (such as police IDs) can be recorded on the blockchain. At present Trustwise certificates are used for securing negative Covid-19 tests results in Switzerland and Austria.

Trustwise certificates can be applied in different fields:


  • Vaccination passport
  • Immunity
  • Negative Infection Tests (e.g. Covid-19)
  • Blood groups
  • Medical allergies
  • Organ donation


  • Proof of Education
  • Mandatory trainings (e.g. Work safety, medical profession status)
  • First aid exams
  • Hygiene (e.g. Negative Salmonella Tests)
  • Physical Access Permissions (to secured facilities)


  • Sport & Cultural Events
  • Exhibitions & Fairs
  • Seasonal tickets
  • VIP Area Access
  • Memberships


  • Electronic Visas
  • Health Care Professional IDs
  • Inspection & Control
  • Police & Military IDs

How does it work?

Advantages of Certificates


Due to international blockchain traceability is given along the whole transaction chain. Additionally, clear identification of the persons and institutions involved in the transaction

Privacy friendly

Due to accessible data of the general public no conclusions can be drawn about the individual and no tracing of personal data. Furthermore, optional certificate details are encrypted and hence, no direct or indirect personal identifiable information is stored.


Easy applicability of the carrier medium of the digital ID. Hence, suitable for all groups of the population (e.g. elderly people, children, disabled). Therefore, access to relevant data in emergency situations (no unlocking of a device or access to a user account necessary) is given.


Use the certificate worldwide as it has consistent use and standard in different countries. Suited for many countries with different organizational structures.


Tamper-proof certificate are instantly verifiable! Prices are calculated per transaction and according to the validity of the certificate. Discounts for larger quantities are available.

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