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With trustwise health (aka Immupass), trustwise is introducing a block chain secured solution for vaccine certificates.

In March 2020, the trustwise team participated in the non-profit online hackathon codevscovid19 and developed a blockchain-secured and hence, tamper-proof corona immunity certificate, that should replace any paper certificates. Only testers (doctors, nurses, etc.) which have been previously authorized by official health authorities can issue and register immunity certificates on a blockchain.


  • International compatibility: Verification of certificates is globally possible
  • Simple: Access code can be stored on paper, all relevant data is accessible at any time
  • Data protection ensured: Individuals retain full control over their digital badge, optional certificate details are encrypted
  • Tamper-proof: Traceability due to blockchain technology, clear identification of issuers, validity period of certificates can be limited

How does it work

trustwise health: how does it work

trustwise health is based on three simple steps:

  1. Registration of authorised issuers of certificates on the blockchain
  2. Issuance of certificate (based on passport ID)
  3. Verification of certificate via QR code and passport ID
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trustwise health is already in use:

Switzerland, Medgate AG, Basel:

Switzerland, TopPharm Apotheke Dorenbach, Münchenstein:

Austria, Salzburger Festspiele (internal use for now):


Download PDF

Download the PDF for a short and concise presentation of trustwise health:

Learn more about Immupass:




(compared to paper-based and database solutions)

  • Low issuing cost
  • Fast to implement
    (less than 2 weeks)
  • Tamper-proof
    (important, especially if certificates allow substantially more freedom in movement)
  • High privacy
    (comparable to paper-based vaccination certificates)
  • Validity checks possible
  • Easy to check by everyone with a mobile phone
  • Anonymous statistical data possible
    (with Geo-mapping through TESTERS locations)

Demo Codes

Certificates QR codes can be checked using the Swiss Trustnet Certificate Reader at


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