Smart Banknote CBDC

Smart banknotes

Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing and AUGENTIC GmbH present a “Smart Banknote CBDC” solution

Central Banks feel a mounting pressure to explore and find a suitable solution for the Bank to issue Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing and AUGENTIC GmbH are proud to present a “Smart Banknote CBDC” solution. This solution combines Orell Füssli's highly secure banknotes with AUGENTIC CBDC Platform including Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Future-proof CBDC solutions must be customizable for government use as well as address off-line availability, anonymity, and psychological factors during the migration from physical to digital cash. The “Smart Banknote CBDC” is a solution that covers all of these aspects. Smart Banknotes can be exchanged like traditional banknotes. Additionally they can be converted into digital cash at any given time. This happens by using encrypted, anti-copied 2D barcodes for authentication purposes via smartphone. All processes are secured by DLT - private, permissioned - in combination with smart contracts.

In all cases within the jurisdiction of the Central Bank, lower transaction costs and a higher degree of privacy is offered. Governments and economies profit from a Central Bank backed currency and thus reducing their credit risks.

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