For Partners

Become part of the TWEX® Ecosystem

Benefit from our growing network of verified individual and corporate participants. Provide your services to companies and individuals or use the infrastructure features of the TWEX® Platform to create your own applications. Or, if you want just to add the advantages of blockchain technology to your existing applications: enhance your existing applications with blockchain recordings.

Provide Services with TWEX® Products

  • Company Secretary Services
    Provide full corporate housekeeping services to your corporate clients by assuming the role of their company secretary. Especially suited for lawyers, accountants or corporate bankers. With TWEX® Corporate, you issue financial instruments, conduct capital increases with or without entitlements, maintain employee share plans or prepare and conduct shareholders meetings with electronic voting on behalf of your client. All embedded in your legal or financial advisory services.
  • Digital Assets Custody
    Many investors prefer digital asset custody as a service rather than self-custody. TWEX® Custody provides the functionality to manage the digital assets on behalf of your client by opening a managed custody account. Banks or assets managers can integrate the digital assets into their asset management systems via API. Suited for banks, asset managers, accountants or lawyers.
  • Arbiter and Verification Services
    Although many conditions in business contracts can be monitored and secured with smart contracts, arbiter and verification services are needed for all those cases where human judgement is still required. Examples for such services are dispute handling if the exchange of claims cannot be performed in one atomic transaction (Delivery versus payment) or eligibility or suitability checks where in depth consistency checks of data is required. Would you like to become an arbiter or provide verfication services?
  • Artworks Curation Services
    Many tasks that link the physical world with their digital representation on the blockchain require special expertise or education. The tokenisation of artworks requires knowledge about the art market and therefore, artworks curation services add considerable trust to artworks investments. Can you provide expertise in artworks?

Build or Integrate Your Own Solutions Using the TWEX® Platform Services

Building a blockchain application from scratch means a substantial investment in basic functionality. User verification, wallet management, signatories management for companies or notification services are some of the functions that are required but do not contribute directly to the business value. The TWEX® Platform offers these functions as a service. Hence, businesses or governmental organizations can build their solutions faster and focus on their value proposition.

Shared Services and Features

  • User Verification System
    Verification of natural persons & legal entities, registration of multi-address wallets on the blockchain, online...
  • Notification System
    In-app task management, badges, flash messages, e-mail, push notifications
  • Web-App & APIs
    Multi-tenant, whitelabelling, REST-APIs for all functions, standalone wallet app for third party applications...
  • Wallets
    TWEX® supports both, self-managed and custodial wallets. For financial applications only self-managed...
  • Privacy & Confidentiality
    To address legitimate privacy and confidentiality requirements, TWEX® is based on a well-balanced...
  • Smart Contracts Templates
    TWEX® provides various token templates that can be adapted for issuing financial instruments or payment...
  • Signatories Management
    Unlimited signatories, single or joint signatory power, audit logs
  • Pricing & Invoicing
    Pricing plans, multiple pricing items per plan, recurring & transaction fees, flat or volume based fees, automated...
  • Smart Contract Extensions
    Upgradability, versioning, blocking of tokens for escrows
  • Electronic Document Signing
    Blockchain registration, electronic document signing (AES)
  • Blockchain Governance
    On-chain, smart contract based, contracts for transaction, node, validator and admin permissions...