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  • TWEX® Corporate

    Issue digital assets, maintain shareholder and beneficial owner registries, increase capital with entitlements, conduct digital general assemblies, and perform all corporate actions on the blockchain.
    For companies & service providers
    Two smartphones showing interactions between users of TWEX Corporate
  • TWEX® Artworks

    Turning artworks into liquid and cash generating assets. If you own an artwork you would like to partially sell and lease back contact one of our artworks curators.
    For artwork owners and curatorsArrow forward
    A set of images representing paintings and a graph which indicates investments
  • TWEX® Certificates

    Issue blockchain-secured heath or education certificates based on SSI principles.
    For education & healthcare providersArrow forward
    Two screenshots showing checking of certificate validity via QR and final result.
  • TWEX® Custody

    Your clients want to invest in digital assets but do not want to manage the assets by themselves? Offer digital custody services with TWEX®.
    For trustees and banksArrow forward
    Cube safe
  • TWEX® Wallet

    By registering on TWEX® every user automatically obtains a subscription-free TWEX® Wallet. Buy and transfer digital assets, vote in digital general assemblies, sign documents electronically or register a company.
    For individuals and companiesArrow forward
    Two smartphones showing investors dashboard and welcome screen of TWEX app
  • TWEX® Government Editition

    The customisable version of the TWEX® platform build for public organisations such as ministries or central banks.
    Screenshot from TWEX application showing dashboard with widgets and charts.

    A payment solution for wholesale and retail CBDC.
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    Smart banknotes
  • TWEX® Bid Bonds

    Bank guarantees for bidders in public tenders.
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